Well done to all of those who took part in Sports Day today! You did an excellent job and showed true sportsmanship. We got a few bronze, some silver and gold in our class – well done to those of you who managed to get medals!

This week children have been working hard on developing their new characters for the Traction Man stories in Literacy and have started to write a new adventure in the style of Mini Grey. There have been some very original ideas so I can’t wait to see the finished results next week. In Maths they have continued to work hard measuring length and mass, converting units and adding and subtracting with measures. Next week we will be focusing on measuring volume and solving a range of problems with measures.

Next week is our last times tables and spellings tests. It also the final week of My Maths.


Treasured Toys experience

This week in Literacy we have been reading some very funny stories by the author Mini Grey. We have read Traction Man is here and Traction Man meets Turbo Dog. We have started to think about designing a new pet for Traction Man and have written some excellent character descriptions. Next week we will design an advert for our new pet. In Maths we have been measuring length and converting units (mm, cm, m and k). Next week we will be solving problems with length and move onto measuring mass again with converting units between grams and kilograms. In D&T we have started learning about pneumatics and will apply what we have learnt to design and make A moving pet for Traction Man next week. 

Information texts

Today Jupiter class have worked extremely hard writing up their information texts about the history of Flitch Green. They all turned out very different and they enjoyed sharing their work with each other afterwards. Next week we will be looking at books by the author Mini Grey. If you have any books by this author at home then feel free to bring them in to show and read.

 In Maths the children have been learning about perpendicular, parallel, horizontal and vertical lines. They have been spotting them in the class environment as well as flags. They have also been learning to draw 2D shapes and really enjoyed making 3D shapes with different modelling materials. Next week we will finish off looking at 3D shapes in different orientations and then look at measuring mass and length.


This week Jupiter class have enjoyed looking at a range of sources of evidence on the history of Flitch Green. They have learnt about what was here before Flitch Green and how the local area has changed over time. They will be writing their information text  on the history of Flitch Green next week, choosing how to group information and how they want to present it.

In Maths they have learnt what an angle is and have identified right angles in shapes and turns. They have also been recognising angles that are greater or less than a right angle. Next week they will be looking more at perpendicular and parallel lines before moving onto learning about 2D and 3D shapes. In Spanish they have learnt to say what they are doing in Spanish e.g. swimming, listening to music and walking. In PSHE we have started our Changing Me unit and have begun to look at life cycles in nature.

Interactive Spanish menu

This week Jupiter class have enjoyed learning to say colours, preferences, food and days of the week in Spanish. In Literacy they have learned about the key structural and language features of an information text. They then had to collect information about a range of Spanish food in order to write a paragraph on their chosen dish. This paragraph was then typed up on keynote and added to a five-day menu for Spanish food within their group keynote. They used links from the days of the week to the relevant slide for a particular Spanish food. They also worked together to record themselves saying the days of the week in Spanish. Next week we will be looking at information texts in more detail and start to think about writing our own texts linked to our final experience.

In Maths they have enjoyed presenting data we collected in bar charts and tables. From this they then solved one and two step problems from the bar charts they drew up. They then had the chance to collect their own data. We have also been measuring mass through baking of some Spanish cakes. They then had a go at reading a range of scales with different intervals. We used our multiplication and division skills as well as counting to work out the intervals on each scale. Please feel free to try the worksheets to consolidate the learning in Maths this week. Next week we will be focusing on Geometry with a focus on angles and perpendicular lines.

Mythical movie cinema experience

Well our Mythical Movies experience has finally come to an end. The children have worked extremely hard on creating their animations and recording their voiceovers for their movies. This afternoon we watched half of the class’s movies with a special treat of popcorn. We saw some great talents, in retelling, expression, animating and sound effects! Well done Jupiter! We will watch the rest of them next week.

Next week we will be having a Spanish experience which will invole a whole range learning activities, including learning how to say their food preferences in Spanish,  making interactive keynotes and cooking some authentic Spanish food! In Maths next we will be learning to interpret bar charts and pictograms as well as learning to measure mass in kg and g. In Literacy they will be learning about information texts and will write a short text on a particular Spanish dish.